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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Get Healthy

Fever in Kids: When to Seek Medical Attention

Doctor in front of a family

Regardless of how caring and loving you are as a parent, your kid is not immune to experiencing a fever. Every child will eventually get it, but it rarely causes harm. You should know that fever can sometimes be a good thing, as it’s usually the body’s way of fighting infections. It’s important, however, to […]

Fit Club

Best Exercises to Get Back in Shape

There are always a lot of excuses if a person does not want to do something like exercise. However, if a woman really wants to get back into shape, there are no reasons needed. According to Chestnut Hill’s top fitness studio for women, the only thing they need to do is show up and get […]

Focal Point

3 Marketing Ideas for Veterinary Services

Smiling veterinarian

If all cat posts and pet Instagram accounts are any indication, pets are very popular among their owners. That’s why veterinary services are on the up in terms of business success. If you’re looking to capitalize on the rising trend of pet care, you need to stand out, and to do that, you need to have effective […]

Luxury 360

Skin Care Tips for Your Next Tropical Vacation

Summer’s here and your much-needed R&R is finally going to happen! You’ve already drawn out an itinerary for your two-week stay in Florida including visiting the famous Ft. DeSoto beach, sailing along the Gulf of Mexico and visiting a spa or two in St. Petersburg such as the Marilyn Monroe Spas. Tropical vacations are fun but don’t forget about your skin […]

Talking Points

Minamata and The Love Canal: Two Tragic Tales of Toxic Waste Pollution

Hazardous waste can cause catastrophic environmental damage and public health crises. There are many harmful substances in our environment which come into human contact every day. The challenges in hazardous waste management that Utah faces today are large and require utmost attention from the public and private sectors. When improperly managed, accumulated waste can cause irreparable damage […]

Talking Points

Knowing When a Loved One Conceals Depression

Depression is a condition that affects a person’s thinking, emotions and actions. It usually causes loss of interest in activities, people and places. Nearly 19 million Americans suffer from depression according to recent reports. There are professionals with solid experience in the field of psychology who provide comprehensive mental health services including family counseling, like […]

Get Healthy

Your Skincare Routine This Winter

Having sensitive skin can be stressful, especially during the winter season. The nerve endings in the top layer of your skin become irritated when its natural barrier is damaged. Maintaining your skin’s pH level helps fight dry skin, a common occurrence during winter, even for the sensitive type. Gallinée, a developer of products focused on […]

Get Healthy

No Diet and Food Restrictions with Dental Implants

actual dental implant

Missing teeth can negatively affect your diet by taking your ability to enjoy a variety of foods. When you don’t have a complete set of strong teeth, you might find it difficult to chew certain foods, including meat, fruits, and vegetables. You may able to fill in the gaps with dentures, but eating with them […]

Focal Point

Preparing for the Death of a Loved One

Family in the cemetery

Death is something that everyone is afraid of. Its finality is difficult to accept. However, when a family member had been terminally ill for a long time, the truth is death is imminent. Hard as it may seem, you need to postpone grieving for the time being and oversee the funeral preparations. Here are some […]