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Monthly Archives: December 2017

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What You Need to Know About Root Canal Treatment

Do you need to undergo a root canal procedure? There is a clinic that performs a root canal in Manteca CA, along with other restorative care you need for your teeth. When a Root Canal Is Needed A tooth’s pulp is made up of nerves and blood vessels. When this gets infected, it tends to […]

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Neck Pain: Its Energy-Sapping Impact You Should Address Now

Woman holding nape

It’s many thanks to the immense flexibility of your neck that you can freely move and swing your next, as well as nod or shake your head. It’s also thanks to this characteristic that your neck can extend, which you typically do on a daily basis. But this also makes it quite susceptible to mobility-reducing […]

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Types of Tooth Fractures and Their Treatment Options

Tooth fractures and cracks occur in people of all ages but more frequently in people above 25 years old. It is at times challenging to diagnose a tooth fracture as it can be painless. The fractures can, however, cause considerable dental damage when not treated in good time. Regular visits to a dentist at a […]

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Three Reasons Why Good Health Should Start at Home

Healthy Family

Good health is important not just for individuals but for families, too. The family is one’s source of love, security, protection and emotional support. Hence, it is important for each member to be healthy and far from many ailments present in the environment every day. The benefits of having a healthy family are far-reaching and […]

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Australian Disability Service Providers Struggle to Meet Rising Demand

The National Disability Services 2017 report noted that many disability service providers in Australia are overwhelmed with an increasing demand and costs under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). In the last 12 months, many companies have reported lower business sentiment and financial security, due to uncertainty over the National Disability Insurance Agency’s (NDIA) regulations […]

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Clear Braces in Richmond: Invisalign

Woman wearing invisible braces

Twenty years ago, dental technology was very different. When it came to braces, there wasn’t much choice for most patients but to buckle up with metal wire and brackets for two years and get on with it. Then in 1997, two business students in the US decided to try something different. Zia Chishti and Kelsey […]

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Yes, You Can Still Have Plaque Even if You Brush Your Teeth Daily

You brush your teeth at least twice a day, so it so frustrating to see plaque buildup on your teeth and along the gum line. Plaque doesn’t just look bad, it can also make your breath smell bad and cause cavities and gingivitis. This can also harden or turn into tartar if left alone. Plaque […]

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Post-Surgical Pluses and Minuses: What Can You Expect After a Nose Job?

The human nose consists of different tissues, but it is mainly cartilage that forms the supporting structure. While a qualified Beverly Hills, CA rhinoplasty surgeon can perform a good job, the doctor does not have complete control over the cartilage. What then can you expect after undergoing a nose job? Here are interesting and informative insights. Is […]

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3 Key Factors When Looking for an Orthodontist

Woman visiting a dentist

Dental health is one of the primary issues that most people take lightly, yet it is very critical to their general well-being. Dental checkups need not be very frequent; if you can follow your doctor’s advice religiously and stick to regular visits, that will be just but enough. The problem is that a good number […]

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Understanding Patient Prescription Assistance Programs

Patient prescription assistance programs are quickly becoming a central element in providing quality medical care. With about two-thirds of all visits to a medical practitioner resulting in the doctor writing a prescription, you will appreciate the fact that ensuring patients heal faster depends on how soon they get the right and high-quality medicine. shares […]