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Monthly Archives: July 2017

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Overcoming That Persistent Neck Pain

Your neck is an intricate and delicate body part that plays a considerable role in keeping you safe and healthy. It consists of bones, muscles, and ligaments that hold your head in place while allowing seamless motions. The neck enables you to move and turn your head in any direction as you go about your […]

Get Healthy

Primary Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue You Should Know

Chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS is not as simple as it sounds. This long-term and serious health condition affects various body systems to the point that people suffering from it cannot do their usual daily activities and are often confined to bed. Based on statistics from the Institute of Medicine (IOM), there were between 836,000 to […]

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Myths about Enamel Erosion You Should Stop Believing Now

The enamel, the outermost part of the tooth, wears over time. However, this is different from the damage caused by erosion. It’s important to know the truth about enamel erosion, as it helps you avoid habits and practices that may harm it. Dental Erosion Is Normal, so I Cannot Stop It Erosion is not a […]

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Do You Care About Your Gums?

If you’re focused on maintaining a healthy smile, your efforts should be more than just about keeping your teeth white. You should also mind the state of your gums to avoid periodontal disease. Note that this condition is normally painless in the first stages and has easy-to-ignore warning signs. Gum disease starts with plaque accumulation […]

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Why Senior Living Facilities Are Good For Seniors

Caregiver Walking An Elderly Woman

Nowadays, it would not be surprising if you mistook a senior living community in Ogden for any other cool home. Senior communities are no longer the places where the young adults used to leave their aging parents just because they are so much of a burden to care for; these assisted and senior independent living […]

Focal Point

Home Care: How the EEOICPA Helps Patients

We all have a family member suffering from a chronic condition. Some of these diseases can affect the ability of persons to take care of themselves. Since we have limited time to take adequate care of them, the only viable option is to take them to a home care.    These centers have all the […]

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Should Kids Use Electric Toothbrushes?

According to the American Dental Association, both manual and electric toothbrushes are effective at removing plaque and fighting gum disease. Kids who are reluctant to brush, however, can benefit from an electric one, as it is usually more comfortable to use. While regular toothbrushes work just fine, electric ones make the routine easier. Useful and Fun […]

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The Amazing Wonders of Ginger Revealed

Ginger has been widely known as the "wonder herb" because it contains compounds that are both medicinal and therapeutical. It's packed with essential minerals and nutrients to keep our body healthy and strong. To enlighten you about some of the wonderful and proven benefits of ginger, here are some of them: Eases Digestive Problems Ginger is known […]

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More Than Just a Temporary Assignment: From Full-time to Locum Tenens

Based on a recent survey, over 96 percent of physicians aren’t aware of the real concept of locum Tenens. This is such a troubling statistic because the majority of these participants worked alongside those who have locum psychiatry jobs. Not only that, 50 percent of the respondents were not even sure of the advantages of […]

Get Healthy

Invisalign: Smiling Your Way to Straight Teeth

Invisalign, an alternative to traditional braces, is a popular treatment for correcting misaligned teeth. It’s popular because it uses a series of nearly invisible plastic trays in place of the metal wires used for traditional braces. Aside from being discreet, it is also very comfortable because they are custom-made specifically for you. Before The Treatment: […]