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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Luxury 360

The Dilemma of Coffee Lovers

If you can’t live a day without a cup of joe, it is important to note that it can affect your oral health. A love affair with coffee is likely to stain your pearly whites and make your smile less brilliant. This is because the beverage contains dark-colored pigments called tannins. These cause the color compounds to […]

Daily Top 10

6 Low Maintenance and Chic Haircuts

Low maintenance haircuts don’t have to be boring and simple. They could be equally chic yet easy to maintain at the same time. Here are six low-maintenance haircuts that are anything but boring or simple: The Messy Bob with an Off Center Part – This haircut is easy to style, but could look edgy when styled […]

Fit Club

Fitness Goals: The Different Types of Resistance Bands

A resistance band is a type of rubber band that one can use in multiple ways for different kinds of exercise routines. For instance, a yoga fitness band from Kinian can make your yoga routine more effective and fun. These bands give enough resistance so that it engages different muscle groups. Exercise bands have different […]

Get Healthy

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants are a great choice. When you choose these over other replacement options, you will no longer have to put up with uncomfortable dentures and you can keep the other teeth intact. Dental implants can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, and provide support to a […]

Talking Points

Are Irritability and Anxiety Early Warning Signs of Child Depression?

Has your child been irritable lately? Do the smallest things annoy them? While that may be a normal occurrence, especially in children, it’s still something that you should keep an eye on. Recently, studies found a new lead on what may cause depression in children – and that includes irritability. What Studies Found Out In […]

Focal Point

Erasing the “Permanent”: What to Do if You Regret Your Tattoo

Your tattoo may be a product of a youthful indiscretion or it may come to be because of sentimental reasons. Although it seemed like an exciting idea back then, what would you do if you thought better of it later on? Is the ink on your skin something you now have to live with forever? […]

Get Healthy

The Great Innovations in the World of Cosmetic Dentistry

Many people in the United Kingdom, including Shrewsbury residents, suffer from one or more of the most common tooth-related issues. These include teeth discolouration or staining, crookedness, chipped or cracked teeth and malocclusions. Although these issues have a lot to do with one’s appearances, they actually yield effects that do not just affect one’s looks, […]

Daily Top 10

Not Enough Saliva: Ways to Deal with Your Dry Mouth

Saliva is essential in preventing tooth decay and maintaining healthy oral tissues. It washes away food particles, bacteria, and acids that can increase your risk of cavities and other oral health problems. Without enough saliva or with dry mouth, you may find it difficult to taste and chew your food. It can also result in […]

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The Creams of the Crop: 4 Best-Tasting Soups You Should Try

Craving for a healthy yet tasty treat before starting your meal? How about slurping down a bowlful of creamy and delicious soup? If you’ve answered yes to that, then here’s another way to level up your dining. Here are some of the best-tasting cream soups that will make a good entree dish to any main […]

Fit Club

Studying In London: Why This City Is Britain’s Hidden Education Gem

In the western world, the United Kingdom is one of the most developed and successful countries in the world. With many of the countries that have embraced technological advancements in terms of commerce and education, the country has so much to offer, not only for its locals but to people from other countries too. London […]