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Monthly Archives: September 2016

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Entrusting Your Invisalign Treatment to Capable Hands


Getting Invisalign braces as an adult may be a challenge. There are a lot of adjustments to make after the treatment, and follow-up visits may be difficult to fit into your busy schedule. But, before you start thinking about the aftercare, you have to find a provider you can trust to perform the treatment. It’s […]

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The Whys and Hows of Snoring: Getting Rid of Snoring

In the United States, around 45 percent of the normal adult population snore occasionally. Because snoring loudly can cause quite the nuisance, annoyance, and even frustration with partners, they actually can cause problems within a marriage. And to make matters worse, around 75 percent of people who have this issue actually already have obstructive sleep […]

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3 Don’ts When Planning a Wedding Proposal

Proposing to your longtime girlfriend may make your knees tremble because this is one of the most important and romantic gestures of love you will do in your entire life. You need to come fully prepared not to mess it up. This way, you can both cherish the moment for a lifetime. Here are some […]

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Hair Loss: An Affliction Even a Prince Cannot Escape

Hair loss is a fairly harmless condition, but admittedly an embarrassing one. Someone going through it will not like when anyone pokes fun at it. Most times, it is just bad luck; genetics are to blame. Even princes cannot outrun hair loss. Prince William, probably the most famous man in the world, has a balding head. […]

Get Healthy

3 Surprising Tricks to Get Full, Lush Hair

There’s a reason your hair is ‘your crowning glory’. Without it, you feel just a bit down — even unattractive. Attractive people radiate confidence, and gorgeous hair gives you that sort of self-assurance. Your hair serves a greater purpose, though, than simply make you look and feel gorgeous. It keeps your head warm and regulates […]

Luxury 360

Flakka: The Key to Unleashing a Real-Life Zombie Nightmare?

Despite its gruesome nature, an apocalypse including zombies remains a fan favorite. Some people still hope to run for their lives as the flesh-eating infected pursue them relentlessly. The beginnings of an apocalypse can vary: chemical contamination or a rabid infection. Today, however, others think a designer drug might trigger the grueling fantasy. 19-year old […]

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How to combat the signs of ageing without going under the surgeon’s knife

You might think lines, wrinkles, and folds on the skin are a fact of life as you get older – signs of a life well-lived. However, all too often they can make us feel old before our time, which can dent body confidence and leave you lacking in self-esteem. Whilst few of us like these […]

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Oral Piercings May Ruin Your Teeth and Gums

Oral piercings may look attractive to those who want to express their unique style. Tongue, lip, and other oral piercings, however, may be damaging to your dental health. The metal implements may pose a risk to your gums and teeth, causing a variety of issues. First off, oral piercings, especially lip piercings, may interfere with […]

Get Healthy

Post-DVT Recovery: Throwing a Dinner Party for Friends and Family

Cooking for one is tough enough when you’ve just recovered from deep vein thrombosis or DVT, so cooking for guests can be pretty overwhelming. But, you do deserve to celebrate your recovery. Check with your doctor first, then start planning. With the help of this article, you won’t be scared to invite your friends and […]

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Top 3 Parks in Singapore to Add in Your Visit List

Thinking about visiting Singapore? While you imagine this small country with lots of skyscrapers, there is more to that. When talking about places to visit in Singapore, the first few that come to mind are Universal Studios, Merlion and shopping at Orchard Road. Sentosa  noted that the country is green, however, and it has quite […]