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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Focal Point

Crazy, Weird Facts about Teeth That’ll Make You Gasp

Teeth surely have their own world—and now, you’d get to know more. From bedazzling the teeth to festivals dedicated to it, here are weird teeth facts that’ll make you smile—or gasp! Bedazzled Teeth While getting Northern Ireland braces is amazing, ages ago, bedazzling teeth was all the rage. Native Americans were known to have used precious […]

Fit Club

Here’s What the Kardashians Eat on their Cheat Day

Even the Kardashians can’t resist chicken. Conscious as they may be of their weight, they still celebrate cheat days like the rest of us. Their poison? Popeyes. For those without access to Popeyes, however, there are endless choices. Friend chicken is simply something that deserves celebration—and you deserve second helpings. The versatility of chicken Chicken […]

Fit Club

Feel Empowered: Making Your Kids Strong with Karate

Enrolling your child into a martial arts training program like karate is a way to redirect their attention and energy to something productive. You might already have an idea how beneficial it is for your child, but you might not exactly know how much your kid can get from enrolling in these classes. Physical benefits […]

Fit Club

Ways to Spice Up the Boring Chicken for Health Buffs

Health buffs across the globe face the same dilemma sooner or later: how to spice up the boring chicken breast? The kitchen staple is easy to store, easy to cook and there are thousands of recipes to use. Unfortunately, Custom Culinary says, it is delicate to cook chicken because when it’s left on the oven […]

Get Healthy

Making Dentist Appointments Pleasurable for You and Your Child

One of the biggest trials parenting can offer is bringing your child to a dental clinic without any dramatic episodes. Dental visits are required to keep your child’s teeth fit and healthy, but the stigma involved with such visits can make it hard to convince them to visit the dentist. Here are some simple suggestions on how […]

Luxury 360

Facts about Dental Implants You Should Know

A dental implant is a good idea if you have missing teeth. It is far more comfortable and convenient than dentures, and they last longer, too. However, rushing into any major decision is never a good idea. You should know the facts about a dental implant before you decide to go through with it. Here […]

Focal Point

Nutrients for Health: Six Essential Nutrients the Body Needs

Do you ever wonder what makes you move or how do people get their energy to perform daily tasks like walking, working or even lifting heavy objects? The answer lies in the food people consume, the water they drink and even the air they breathe. All these small elements combine to make people strong and […]

Luxury 360

Waxing: A Better Choice for Your Hair Removal

When it comes to hair removal, most women are concerned whether to opt for shaving or just go for a waxing session.  However, when it comes to deciding the best hair removal, you need to consider your hair growth, skin type, and the texture of your hair. Each of these methods has their pros and […]

Focal Point

Invisalign May Be Invisible, But the Effects are Clear

Gone are the days when those with braces were immediately labelled as nerds. Of course, it may still look a bit awkward when you see a professional walking around the office with funky-looking braces. That is why, according to teeth whitening treatment providers from North London, Invisalign is the modern approach to traditional braces. It is […]

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What Amazing Teeth You Have: Incredible Facts about Teeth

Ever wondered what you could learn more about your teeth? What they’re about and why they’re important?  Well, read on and find out. Teeth start to develop even before you’re born! Your primary and permanent teeth both begin to develop while you’re still inside your mum’s womb. Your primary teeth’s tooth buds — at least […]