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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Focal Point

ACL Injury: Treatment Goals and Options

ACL or anterior cruciate ligament tears are knee injuries common among individuals who play high-impact, pivoting sports such as football, basketball, hockey, skiing, or volleyball. It usually occurs while an individual is trying a cutting or pivoting manoeuvre while engaging in his or her choice of sport. It can likewise occur from direct contact such […]

Daily Top 10

How Does Stenting Relieve Blood Vessels Blocked by Plaque?

Deep Vein Thrombosis

As people grow older, plaque starts to build up within their veins and arteries. This process is further accelerated by lifestyle factors, such as having a poor diet and being sedentary. It’s no surprise that heart disease is still the number one cause of death in most western countries.   However, clogged blood vessels can […]

Fit Club

Let’s Get Physical! Creating a Healthy Exercise Habit for Your Kids

Exercise For Kids

Exercise is a habit that should be instilled in children – most especially when they are still very young. Exercise strengthens the body and helps keep their body energised. For kids, encouraging them to be physically active is a good start toward making exercise a daily habit. Benefits of Exercise With regular exercise, your muscles and […]

Daily Top 10

Don’t Think Wrong: Myths About Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse

Drug addiction is a serious condition. It is a chronic disease that affects one’s brain. Once your brain malfunctions, every aspect of your life becomes affected. Before things get worse, it is better to seek treatment for drug abuse. Depending on the case and some preferences, one may opt for inpatient rehabilitation or intensive outpatient […]

Talking Points

The Saucy Circumnavigator: A Dip Into the World’s Assortment of Gravy

Gravy is not just a staple meal companion to the Thanksgiving Turkey. In America, gravy is known to pair best with countless meat dishes. Drippings of our favorite roasts are thickened with cornstarch or flour and seasoned with an assortment of spices. Outside of the country, gravy exists as more than a savory brown sauce. […]

Daily Top 10

Face Shape and Hair Styles: How to Choose the Best Style to Suit You

Hair Styles

For most women, having salon-perfect hair is of utmost importance. A visit to a hair salon such as Circles of Subiaco every few months to update one’s look is a must. It’s not about being vain; caring about how one looks also symbolizes how a person respects and cares for themselves. Choosing the right haircut […]

Luxury 360

Three of Australia’s Most Loved Burger Varieties

Humanity’s love for burgers gave birth to perhaps thousands of varieties and types. Countries and states have their own version of this almost universal snack-slash-meal. Typically made of a bun and a succulent meat patty with various spices, condiments and garnishes, a burger is truly a treat for a hungry tummy. Australians have their fair […]

Fit Club

Saliva and Oral Health – More than just Fluid in your Mouth

Saliva and Oral Health

You may find the smell of dried saliva that has rolled down your chin and cheek while you were sleeping as particularly disgusting. Well, you are clearly not the only one. But do you really think that it should be considered right there in the likes of the appendix as the body’s most useless parts? […]

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No More Darkness, Here Is The Light On Venous Insufficiency

Venous Insufficiency

Obstruction of the veins is a condition caused by a blood clot in the vein. This obstruction is the main cause of venous insufficiency.This hiders the normal flow of blood the legs, arms and other organs back to the heart. A patient with venous obstruction has veins filled with blood, especially when standing. What causes […]

Talking Points

Extend the Life of Your Dentures to Get the Most Out Of It

Dentures are some of the most common types of missing tooth/teeth replacements in the United Kingdom. Many Richmond residents wear dentures, not only because these oral appliances help them eat and speak better, but because of its affordability. And with these devices having undergone considerable improvements and enhancements over the years, they now look more […]