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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Talking Points

Over for Dinner: Hosting Wonderful Nights with Friends


Since time immemorial, food has been a way to not only sustain the human body and spirit, but also to build bridges between them. It has always been a socialising phenomenon, from early man sharing the day’s hunt to the rest of the tribe, to lavish dinners of the present day in ceremonial functions. Dinner […]

Daily Top 10

Dental Update: What Regular Visits to the Dentist Can Do for You

Dental Update

Quick question, when was the last time you saw your dentist? Is it some years ago? Or is it back when you are still in high school? Or maybe you could not remember it at all? If that is the case, then something has to change. Dental check-ups are extremely important to ensure that there […]

Focal Point

Teaching Curious Children About Cremation


Children are curious by nature so they are likely to ask about the urn you have on display in your home. The problem with a death in the family these days are that mostly die in hospitals so the children are not even aware when someone has passed away. Eventually, the visits to cemeteries or […]

Daily Top 10

Seek Prompt Sleep Disorder Treatment to Prevent Fatal Complications


You are very lucky if you have a bedside partner who does not mind your snoring, or even finds it music to their ears. In most cases, snoring is distracting and can be one of the most difficult sounds to bear with when trying to get some sleep. At the same time, this may signify […]

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What Factors You Should Consider When Choosing the Right Fencing

Black Fence

The right choice of fences benefits all homes since it is a form of security. It also plays a significant role in your home’s exterior design. Security and privacy are the key features many homeowners look for when buying a house. A property that has a professionally installed fencing somehow gives the owners a true […]

Daily Top 10

Cigarettes Aren’t The Only Way To Get Exposed to Carcinogens


According to the American Cancer Society’s report, up to 20,000 people die every year due to radon-caused lung cancer. It poses no danger when existing only at low levels. Exposure to high levels for a long period, however, makes it a dangerous toxic gas. In simple terms, radon is a radioactive gas that may cause […]

Get Healthy

The Lethal Effects of Cocaine on Health


It is regrettable to note that there are nearly 16 million Americans who are using illegal drugs, with the lethal cocaine as one of the most widely used. And it can even be more unfortunate if one of these cocaine users is a loved one. Continued use of cocaine can have devastating effects not only […]

Luxury 360

Build a Tileless Kitchen with Good Quality Glass Splashbacks

kitchen design

Some kitchens feature contemporary themed splashbacks with aluminium frames. If you’d rather enjoy the seamless look of frameless glass, that’s exactly what you will get. Specialists in glass installations can deliver the sleek and the perfect look that you seek. First, learn more about this exciting interior design trend. Splashback essentials Let us start your […]

Talking Points

Engagement Photos: Unleashing Creativity from Couples

For most people, weddings only happen once in a lifetime. You want to get everything right the first time. Just like photos, you want pieces you can look back on and remember the fun times you had. Telling your friends and family to save the date via a photoshoot is always a great primer to […]

Get Healthy

Make the Switch to an Ergonomic Stool and Say Goodbye to Back Pain


If you work in an office setting day in and day out, you’re probably aware that it tends to eat up the most of your days. While you would need to work regularly, your body might be paying the price, especially if you end up feeling like your body is always aching when you get […]