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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Talking Points

Harnessing the Power of Uranium and the Risks that Come with It


Uranium found in the earth’s crust was a product of a supernova that happened billions of years ago. It is a natural component of rocks and seawater. When uranium atoms decay, they produce heat. The product of this radioactive decay is lead. Humans have learned to harness the power of uranium, along with the development […]

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Natural Health Care for Pain Relief: Why Chiropractic Care is the Way to Go


Did you know that the second most common neurological illness in the U.S. is back pain, with headache being the first? The spinal column, which is made up of 24 independent vertebrae, is responsible for your ability to move, bend, and twist in your daily life. It also envelops and aids in safeguarding your fragile […]

Daily Top 10

How Enamel Erosion Leads to Overly Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth

The enamel that covers and protects your teeth is the strongest surface of the body. This durability is necessary, as your teeth go through much wear every day as you use them. However, there are times when the outer layer is damaged or erodes. When this happens, the symptoms are quite noticeable. If you have […]

Talking Points

The Basics of Sex Therapy: What Every Couple Should Know


In simple terms, a sex therapist aids people overcome their sexual problems. Sex therapists are licensed and qualified doctors, counselors, or healthcare professionals who have the necessary training to help people deal with all their issues relating sexuality. Do You Need to See a Sex Therapist? There are plenty of people who grapple with sexual […]

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Relief from Tooth and Gum Problems Through Emergency Care


Some people experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. If you get a bit nervous when you step into a clinic, keep in mind that dental professionals have a high level of proficiency in performing a wide range of procedures. says that Boise emergency dental care facilities offer their patients the best services thanks to […]

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Out with the Old: It’s Time to Replace Amalgam Fillings with Composite Ones

Dental Treatment

People once touted silver as a highly durable material. Indeed, it is strong, corrosion-free and stainless. It is the reason dentists before use amalgam to fill in holes in the teeth. But as time passes by and with the development of different things, many believe that silver fillings are not as advisable in the modern […]